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On August 2, 2019, Vinstar Group’s Executive Board (Vinstar Media, MDS, Suc Song Moi, SSM) held a meeting to propagate its long-term visions & strategies, as well as 5-year strategic plan 2020-2024, and ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) 2019-2021 to employees of all member companies.

In the next five years, Vinstar Group will focus on media industry while its member companies aim at different positions in value chains of the industry.

Vinstar Media has widened its role from a Media Vendor to a Media Agency. The company has provided media planning and buying services to three markets in Indochina, including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and opened an office in Australia in 2020.

Suc Song Moi continues to develop its 12-year strength (from 2007 to present) in Human Media (event, activation), POSM design and production, and hi-impact display.

SSM OOH plays the role of a Media Owner by owning the right to advertise on buses, taxies, billboards, bus stations, etc. SSM continues to expand its scale nationwide and to Laos & Cambodia markets in 2021 as expected.

Meanwhile, Vinstar Group, with its available media resources and marketing competencies, expands its business to consumer goods distribution in Vietnam and intends to enter the markets of the two other countries in Indochina when it’s time.

With such strong strategies, Vinstar sets 2 goals for the period of 2020-2024:

  1. Annual growth rate reaches 50%
  2. Income of Vinstar Group’s employees will be improved to be in the top of 75% of companies in the same industry (even multinational companies).

In addition to long-term strategies and goals, Vinstar Group’s Executive Board also implements ESOP for employees who have worked at the company for more than two years with the purpose of:

Vinstar Group’s ESOP is special as a large number of shares are given free to employees without any fee & charge, following by various plans for employees to receive money when their transactions are limited.

The Executive Board embraces key principles regarding Vinstar’s internal benefit sharing:

  1. Employees who directly undertake tasks will receive the most benefits first
  2. The company’s big shareholders are second to enjoy such benefits.

Aforementioned operation strategies are which indicates the Executive Board’s vision of “Together we build our big dream by hard working”, ensuring Vinstar Group’s sustainable and strong development in the future.

HR/Vinstar Group.

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